Enkelt Female i United States, , Enkelt inn Florida, jacksonville Female

Jennyjr25: hello...
Søker: mann Alder 36 til 72
Status: 39 Skilt Rett Hunn
Interesse i: Langsiktig forhold
Etnisitet: Hvit/kaukasisk
Stue: Lev med mine barn
Øyefanger: Våpen
Høyde: 5'5 tommer
Kropp: Mager
Hår/Øyne: Afro, Annen
Røyk: Nylig avsluttet
Drikke: Rør aldri på det
Trening 2 ganger i uken
Politikk: Liberal
Utdanning: Noen skole
Religion: agnostiker
Inntekt: Mindre enn $15.000
Okkupasjon: Hair Stylist
Avkom: 1 barn
Personlighet: Utgående
Land: United States

I was born and adopted from Germany, this my 8yrs of living in LA.I live with my daughter named Jessica shes 4 years old.my both adoptive parents are no more and i am their only child, i was still a little child maybe 3 to 4 yr old, when i was adopted so honestly i never know much about my biological parents, so right now i dont have any more family left in Germany thats why i moved to state to start a new life alone. Actually i am not much good in united state english language but i am trying to move along with my friends here in USA , I have broken english and i dont want this to scared you cause we might get to know each other better and we need to talk on phone sometime and you didnt hear my english clearly , you just need to understand me that i am only trying to get this right.